Tea ceremony is still widely practiced by modern couple with Chinese heritage. Even though traditionally red is the color of good luck, but Ming vase blue with touch of gold are as beautiful and regal. Here is an example of our fabulous illustration of two phoenix birds printed on textile material. The result is simply stunning.

Range of Blue and Modern Gold

Range of Blue and Modern Gold

Detailed illustration printed on Fabric material

Detailed illustration printed on fabric

Gold ink and deboss finishing

Gold ink and deboss finishing


Earlier this week the 2nd issue of 2011 Harper’s Bazaar Wedding Magazine was published and Pemberley is truly honored to have the opportunity to be featured in it. Inside, you will find Pemberley’s very own Shanghai Blue theme and souvenirs from Luxe Letterpress collection. Even with a little typing error, still a big thanks to Stella, Indra and Bazaar wedding team, who produce amazing photos of Pemberley!

Harper's Bazaar Wedding Cover

Shanghai Blue Theme

Souvenirs from Luxe Letterpress Collection

Another beautiful wedding  moments from the amazing IanPhotography. You really can’t go wrong when you combine culture and elegant in your wedding. Inspired from a traditional watercolor Chinese painting (painted especially for this couple), Pemberley had a blast designing their glamorous wedding invitation and souvenir sets. The color palette was selected early on. A modest mix of China blue and white, with accents of gold and pinkish red, all traditional and classic, yet still gorgeous contrast of current and fresh pattern.

If you think the dress is lovely (breathtaking Vera Wang, worn by Kate Hudson in Bride Wars), just wait until you see the dreamy concoction that is the wedding cake and decor. Please enjoy the lovely snapshots!

Here’s the beautiful traditional Chinese painting: