What a wonderful way to start January 2013. One of the most prominent magazine in the wedding industry, Her World Brides, once again approached us for another featured in their magazine page and we couldn’t be more grateful. Many thanks to Ms. Miranda Tobing and her magnificent team. You’ll definitely want to pick up a copy at the bookstore to see their killer ideas on Nautical theme.

Her World Brides January - June 2013 Cover

Her World Brides January – June 2013 Cover

Her World Brides Page 107

Her World Brides Page 107


Fall, fall, fall

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers up in America and Canada! Summer has left the building and it’s definitely autumn. So warm up, sweater time!

Changing leaves create amazing background with multi-colored leaves recently fallen from the trees. Just perfect for wedding tones and Pemberley has just the right invitation to show.

Letterpress with cotton paper and doilies envelope

Pumpkin and Chocolate – Delicious!


It started with a small talk ages ago, when at last Pemberley found an early fun invitation design. With vibrant pops of yellow and light coral red theme, Pemberley is finally collaborating with fellow friend from Munchees. We had to restrain our selves not to jump into piles of sweet luscious cakes when they arrived in the studio.

Pemberley absolutely adore the table setting with shades of yellow+red. Not forgetting to mention a helping hand from a dear friend, Miss Lenny, the photoshoot was faster than we anticipated. So, enjoy the exciting pictures of Pemberley stationery in a collaboration with oh-so-delish Munchees.

Sunny & Blossom Set

Goodies Table

Tasty sweets

Card & Flag Ornament

Place Card & Gift Bag

Sunny & Bloom Cake

Ms. Yoan & Ms. Ivy of Munchees

It was the craziest event preparation. The event was cut short of 2 weeks, so we only have three days and 2 nights left until the D-day. Thank goodness the awesome mom-to-be and her entourage (family and friends) were there to lend a helping hand, and we managed to put everything together just in a nick of time. Special big thanks to the fabulous art director, Miss Yoan from Munchees. Here are the photos of the picture perfect moment.

Baby Loves Blue Theme

Hors d'oeuvre and Dessert Table

Hors d'oeuvre and Dessert

We love love love blue milk!

Crafty centerpiece and backdrop

Wish Card

Towel Cake for Guest

Congratulation for Pemberley’s very own Ms. Hellen and new hubby Mr. Kim! They officially got hitched last weekend. The elegant outdoor wedding was held in the garden of National Museum and was an incredible joy-ride for all of the guests. After the ceremony and banquet, family and friends danced the night away joined by the newlyweds. It was a perfect day for a marriage.

There will be more photo posts,so please stay tune! Thank you for our brilliant photograper from IanPhotography and also a friend photographer, Mr. Andy Gunawan!