Hang that mistletoe and appoint special someone for a kiss. This Holiday Season marks the ending of this year at Pemberley! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or not, our idea of this wonderful season is to give love to others. We wish everyone a very wonderful Holiday and don’t forget to share many joy and happiness all over the world!

A hug, a kiss and many love

A hug, a kiss and many love


Haunted houses, bats & spiders, costume party and pumpkins, nothing scream Halloween more than these elements. To lift up your ghoulish spirit, be sure to check out Pemberley’s Halloween greeting card collection. Here’s one sample of  hauntingly festive stationery.

Trick or Treat – Pumpkincula

Pemberley came across a petite patisserie and brought back some of sugary goodness. Feast your eyes on the sweet Halloween treats…

Spooktacular delicacies (from André’s Confiserie Suisse)

Only a few more days before Christmas and a couple more weeks until Year 2012. To accompany your holiday gifts and new year spirit, Pemberley is wrapping up our design for Last Minute Hunt Sale on greeting cards. Even more good news, these cards can be personalized with your own name or surname. Be sure to check out the sale collection via for availability and details on sale. Here are couple examples:

Personalize Christmas card with your name

Personalize New Year card with your name