We cannot believe it! A year has past and Pemberley has officially entered another showcase at Harper’s Bazaar Wedding Exhibition 2012. Pemberley team is seriously getting more insane since only a few more weeks until the start of  the big event. Scribbles, notes, boards, color pens and books are invading the studio table and floor. We hope the team won’t turn as missing persons under those piles of things. At the same time however, we are super psych about it.

So make sure to mark your calendars for Pemberley’s second  luxury exhibition which is kicking off first week of April! You’ll be able to browse the new design collection 2012, chat with the Pemberley experts, and even have the chance to win an exclusive customize design for your wedding invitation. Stay tune for all of the details!

Pemberley at Harper's Bazaar Wedding Exhibition 2012