Let’s start from the beginning. 12 hours before the exhibition first opening, we were in mad rush of wrapping up the decoration and lighting. Not to mention, the accessory props for the show. With a few flared tempers and minimum casualties, we managed to finish what we needed. We headed home just to find ourself trying to finish our massive catalog for inivitation set design. A good friend and Kat’s husband even gave helping hands, but still we only managed to get 40-minutes sleep. Then we dashed back to the exhibition with red-eyes and sore brain muscle.

However, nothing is really exhausting when you are given the chance to work with what you love. The long hours for putting up the perfect show for Pemberley’s first exhibition was all WORTHED! Literally, our sweat, tear and blood (crazy paper-cut!!) were forgotten in those 4 phenomenal days.

Pemberley's Catalog

Pemberley got the best seat in the house, near the music stage. Although, we had to fight the loud speaker during our conversation with clients (Rica’s voice was lost somewhere in the third day), but oh boy, the energy was great! Familiar faces like our returning customers were there to greet Pemberley team. We are always a bit surprised (still) to find our products were a hit among visitors, and even other wedding vendors! We feel humbled and honored that our colleagues and seniors take our designs into their interests.

Viewing Pemberley's Catalog

Pemberley's Uniform: Apron with Mitten as Pocket

Letterpress Education Center

"What is Letterpress?"

Too bad we didn’t have enough time to wander around the exhibition to see every booths. We couldn’t help ourselves to get all-excited when we saw the beautiful set of some of our seniors. To name a few: Shill, Axioo, and even our long-time friend, IanPhotography.

Ian & Irene from IanPhotography

Not only our booth included invitation and stationery products, our hand-made lace envelope pack was there as well, although couple packs were lost. Some visitors might mistakenly think the envelopes were for give-away. But like a wise friend said, as couple were lost, a thousand more will show. There were some adorable accessories for sale also, props from Dewi Butik Shop in Greenfield, shown in the photos below.

Right Bottom Corner: IanPhotography Booth (photos by: Talented Mr. Yosep)

Lace Envelope

It was bittersweet when everything came down. It may be the end of 2011 Exhibition, but Pemberley will look forward for many exhibition to come for many years to come!  Big thanks to our team, family, friends and customers for all of your support! Love much, Pemberley Team.

The last day

Kat & Rica